• Data Security: Security is an essential element of any data network and thus has to be inherent in any network’s design, and applied thoroughly across the entire network, in order to withstand the advanced, persistent tactics that are now the standard modus operandi of cyber-attackers.
  • Transactions and Security Features: The businesses today transact online more than ever. The age of payments done via cheque and other formats are gradually reducing.
  • With the boost for Digital India and launch of various applications that promote online transaction and related services by the government of India itself, even the small businesses should opt for the Most Valuable & Affordable internet plans providing high quality leased line services.
  • Multiple Security: The information security space has changed a lot over last few years. Traditionally, network security appliances were mainly deployed as point products, focused on controlling a single threat; like an virus scanner, spam checker, web filtering, etc. while these products were very capable and did their job well, organizations required a number of different appliances to protect against multiple network threats.
  • Protection against Cyber Attacks: Besides transactions, the high focus should be given on the security features as well. The number of cyber attacks in recent years has greatly increased. With a valuable amount of company Intellectual Property, Transaction details and client data stored online, it is imperative that Businesses must Utilize Dedicated & Private Bandwidth Lease Line Networks who offer the best network security solutions. Look for the features like Anti-spy ware, Anti-virus, Web- filtering, Firewall protection or Unified Threat Management that ably works against multiple types of security scenarios.
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