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  • Synergistic Integrated Marketing Communications

  • Digital Transformation

  • Media & Entertainment

Indian Media & Entertainment

India has 1,14,820 registered publications (periodicals and newspapers), close to 2500 multiplexes and more than 400mn Internet users (which is the second-largest base after China) and it is expected to reach 640 million by 2019. By 2020, the media market is expected to reach $33.7bn.

Synergistic Integrated Marketing Communications

Sopranos Devises, Develops & Implements Synergistic Integrated marketing communications (SIMC) as a powerful concept with methodology that puts your business on the flywheel by better branding and bringing in more revenues and robust business model.


Digital Marketing

There is a rise in the consumption of data. An increased number of people have started subscribing to various platforms for video consumption as well as for other dependencies on the internet such as social media, public profiles, promotions, chatting, gaming, mega-verse networking, bit-coins exchange, online shopping etc. This is expected to rise even higher owing to the digital revolution that is going on.


What our clients say

Sanjeev Sharma

Great guys Sopranos to market our Media portfolio. They can be lifeline for any business as advised and activated our marketing investments enormously. We didn’t get lost out. Thanks a ton Saurabh. Anytime welcome

Media & Entertainment

Patricia Gomes

Great glory to work with Sopranos in India. They made us understand the country and it’s diverse consumer psychology. They guided & navigated us very precisely for people to absorb us and our business & products. Saved us lot of dollars and time


Amanda Mohan

It’s been 7 yrs of collaborating with Sopranos. Lot to learn and grow with them. They revitalised our business marketing so much we grew almost 9-10 times over decade. Kudos

Personal Healthcare

Kritika Shah

Sopranos made lot of difference to our marketing and market value over last decade. I wish to plan our export marketing campaign as we launch our European business soon.

Lifestyle Marketing Co.

Anita Lal

Wonderful experience of working with Sopranos. They helped us prioritise our money’s after perfect marketing plans and executed them quite well. Pleasure

Corporate Communications / Consumer Durables

Amish Trivedi

Sopranos guys really know our business very well. Their insights and strategy did wonders for us. First time we got to know how to market & where to market. Rest they did it with Aplomb

Premium Luxury Goods

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